BBC journalist Larry Madowo has left his followers with mixed reactions after deciding eat snails

Larry, who is currently in Morocco, ate the delicacy that was being sold along the streets and he testified that they were very delicious.

He added that he opted to taste them after noticing that everyone was enjoying the delicacy.

“I ate snails 🐌 in Morocco. They were delicious! We were scouting for a location to film something then I noticed the vendor. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it and if there’s something about me, I’ll eat anything. Even @lamide_a admitted that they tasted good. Would you try it?” the former NTV news anchor said.


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Those who have tried the delicacy before agreed with him on the taste, but for some, that is a no-go zone. Here are some of the reactions from netizens;

Wendy Cindy:I heard it taste like chicken……but still pass

Barack Jacuzzi:A vibe kwa snail?? Heri nikule mattress

Carol: I’m also a food explorer but snails is where I draw the line.

Clara: And you go and kiss your girlfriend who hate 🐌 😂😂😂heaven please open.

TikToker Naomi actress has also shared her experience of trying out snails. She shared a video of her trying the meal in Europe.

“I could just see snails in my head. How I find them disgusting. I almost cried. Why should I try next in Europe?” she posed.

@_naomiactress I could just see snails in my head. How I find them disgusting😭😭 I almost cried What should I try next in Europe ? #reels #viralvideo #fy #snail #europe #football ♬ original sound – naomi_actress

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