Rayvanny’s lover Fahyvanny has voiced her opinion that Light skinned women tend to be more attractive to men compared to dark toned women.

In an interview with a local media group, the mother of said that she feels light skinned women are lucky since most men prefer them. She wondered what they have that makes them so appealing to a larger percentage of men.

Fahvanny openly revealed that she recognized Rayvanny’s Ex Paula Kajala was also light skinned and that could be the reason  why the bongo artiste went for her but she expressed that she had realised that a woman’s skin tone had nothing in relation to the nature of a romantic relationship.

“Unapendwa lakini sasa tukubali au tusikatae ni kwamba wasichana weupe wanapendwa zaidi. Sina maana mbaya lakini hata mwanaume yeyote yule aliye na mwanamke mweusi ndani yake aliyekuwepo ni mweupe,” Fahyvanny said.

She reunited with Rayvanny a while back

The mother of one since she got back together with Rayvanny earlier this year their love had grown in leaps and bounds , Rayvanny even admitted that if in any way he is convinced to leave her that he should be pelted to death.

Rayvanny has been showering Fahyvanny with a lot affection even featuring her in his music videos as a vixen which has excited fans.

Currently Fahvanny has changed her official name on Instagram by calling herself Mrs Chui affirming that she considers the former WCB signee as her spouse.

Earlier she cleared the air by saying that their union had not been officially broken despite their separating.

She highlighted that being in a relationship with a high profile person like Rayvanny comes with it’s unique compromises since his life is increasingly publicized in the media.

Her words signify that their relationship is still standing strong as she denied that they had never finalized their divorce.


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