Nairobi County Marshals have initiated a concerted operation aimed at regulating and controlling street food vendors(especially those selling smokie mayai,) operating in unauthorized areas within the Central Business District (CBD).

The move by the county marshals is in response to the rising concerns about unregulated street food vending, which has the potential to pose health and safety risks to both vendors and consumers. Unsanitary conditions and a lack of proper infrastructure have been among the issues that necessitated this regulatory action.

The affected vendors, have been conducting their businesses in non-authorized areas, often in close proximity to high-traffic locations within the CBD. The goal of this operation is to ensure compliance with established regulations, which mandate that street food vendors operate in designated areas equipped with adequate facilities for food preparation and hygiene.

The move has since sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter X.

Barabara ya mchanga: Serikali ni ya mama mboga na watu ya boda boda, watu wa smokie mayai mujitengenezee serikali yenu.

Bravo: Tuko apa Kamukunji police station tunakula smokie na mayai…..sijui wamezitoa wapi ata:

Kulo: Charlene Ruto has in the past lied about running a smokie and mayai pasua business at Day Start University and she did that to advance the hustler mentality. So where exactly did Ruto’s government lose the hustler mojo? What kanjo are doing to smokie vendors in town is cruel.

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