Diamond Platnumz a popular bongo flavor artist has come out to defend himself after he was trolled on the Internet for his antics after his green cap got snatched by a fan.

The ”Jeje” hitmaker addressed the issue before he performed at the Wasafi festival yesterday.

He stated  that he knew his fans were shocked to see him fighting over a cap as he is a superstar but insisted he felt his boundaries had been stepped on by the fan.

The father of three stated that he felt as if the person who had taken his cap had read him to be stupid or a coward.

”Simba anatolea macho kofia tu,aaa unajua ni mara kumi aombe kitu umpee.Ukichukua kilicho changu maanake unaona mi boya unaona mi fala.Mtu anapochukua kitu chako bila ridhaa yako ni kwasababu anakuona we fala, anakuona we boya.” the superstar stated.

He advised his fans to ask him or borrow outfits or anything that they fancy instead of snatching it from him assuring that he would never say no to them as they have supported him throughout his career.

”Sisi wote hapa ni marafiki sindio?alafu mi mwana wenu mmenisupport tangia naanzia kama kuna kitu umekiona unakitaka niombe nitakupa.” the superstar advised.

He charged the crowd before asking his staff to bring his caps to him on stage for the purpose of gifting fans.

He threw lots of caps to fans as they cheered on fighting to be the lucky one who takes Simba’s cap home.

Kenyans flocked to the comment section with opinions and hilarious commentaries on the singer’s theatrics.

” Sisi hatuna shughuli na kofia zako tuambie mbona ulidodge zuchu’s kiss pale siku ya birthday.”

”Simba gani na wewe ni fisi?umepeana kofia kwa sababu watu walikukashifu.”

”Kitu ilinibamba ni akisema aty anaavalianga nguo mingi iyo kofia moja tu.” netizens commented.







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