Celebrated Comedian and popular social  media influencer 2mbili has called out Nyako over her previous sentiments that sounded like a warning to Kenyan bloggers and digital interviewers .

Earlier today Nyako warned Kenyan content creators of possible damage had they interviewed the now distressed Brian Chira.

“ Eve MungaiPresenter Ali, nani tena obina nipate mmeita Brian Chira for your cheap interviews wachaneni na uyu mtoto. Now that Brian has lost everything, mwacheni, just leave that boy alone, just let him be,” Nyako said during a tiktok live.

2mbili has  however called her out reminding that it is because of them that she is now a well known brand.

”President wenyu hanijui coz hajawai tembelea any of our national parks in Kenya Tulijinyima usingizi tuki tap tap ndio ujulikane” 2mbili said before clarfying to Nyako that Youtube airs only legit content and conducted with the interviewees consent.

”Youtube is all about legit content especially interviews we don’t force interviews, we request for it and the guest agrees to be interviewed ” he stated.

2mbili further demanded that Nyako shows him an interview conducted to Brian Chira by any Kenyan blogger while he wasn’t sober.

”Show me an interview where Chira was interviewed under the influence of alcohol?Zote alikuwa sober so he knew what was happening,Lives tu ndio anakuanga himself”

The comedian also took that time to remind the Nyako that Kenyan bloggers do charity and in particular highlighted a forthcoming charity program ”Laugh for Charity show”

We do charity almost every day, our supporters go hungry they come to our dm every time and we help bila ku post and on 29th September we doing a laugh for charity show mtaaambia nini watu??? He posted.

Among the creators torn was Mungai Eve.

“Mimi sijawaiona Eve Munai akitia charity anywhere, sijawai one. Kuna mahali Eve Mungai hutoa charity?iko?iko?iko?Wewe Eve, you are very very ,you are very very selfish, that is my opinion about you. You are very selfish. I am one of those people who built Eve Mungai,”Nyako said.


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