A video is currently doing rounds on social media of a woman being attacked by a rogue motorist.

In the highly sensitive video, the woman is run over by the driver and her attempts to seek safety proved futile.

One of the persons who shared the video recently claimed that the two were a Kenyan couple living in Texas US and the incident resulted due to marital issues. In the tweet, the author claimed that the man was agitated by the woman’s move of kicking him out of their home and he revenged by running over her multiple times.

“A Kenyan man ran down his wife, who kicked him out of his own house he bought abroad in Texas USA. There are a lot of such marital killings in the US daily due to fights relating to property. African women have turned into monsters,” read the tweet.

The truth of the matter however is that the two were and are not a couple but were total strangers to each other. The incident, that was captured on camera, occurred in April 12, 2022 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The victim was identified as Morgan Scott, who was 23-years old then, while the perpetrator was identified as  Vincent Jean and was aged 56 at the time of the incident.

Scott survived the incident but she sustained serious injuries including; broken femur, broken ribs on both sides, and a broken neck in three different places. Speaking to the media while admitted in a hospital, she said that she was heading to work when her car was hit by Jean.

Following the minor accident, she got out of her car to assess the situation and also take a photo of Jean’s number plates when he attacked her.

“I was able to get out of the way, but I was shocked that that was going on. I tried to run, cause I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ Let me get my shoes off, because I had heels on at the same time. One of them couldn’t come off all the way, and I fell,” she shared.

Her family organized a fundraiser to help settle hospital bills

Screenshot of Scott’s online fundraiser


The suspect was also arrested and charged with attempted murder. He however denied seeing the woman, claiming that his car had slipped.


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