Trio Mio

An Instagram user has claimed that Trio Mio’s music was no longer catching as before.

While commenting on one of the rapper’s recent Instagram posts, the netzizen said that he was not liking the fact that Trio’s music was losing value.

“This guy’s music is slowly coming down. I really though he would  be so great,” he wrote.

Trio Mio however did not let the comment slide. In his response, he bragged about being the face Kenyan playlist on Spotify.

He added that he has over 150, 000 listeners and challenged the netizen to check how many listeners does his favourite artist have.

“You haven’t seen? I’m the face of made in Kenya  playlist on Spotify as we speak, kuna ngoma mpya na Suda inatesa pale. I’m also sitting 155,000 monthly listeners. Angalia fave wako ako na ngapi. Kuwa mpole kijana, hii ni freestyle kijana,” Trio Mio said.

The young rapper has been facing such critics especially after concluding high school last year. Many Kenyans were afraid if he would keep releasing bangers after school life.

“Guys were saying the pressure of KCSE was making him release good music.. kwanza this year is make or break for him… guess what, umeacha KCSE now uko Life-CSE… if he passes this year and he doesn’t release a hit, imagine he will be forgotten..” Kiss FM presenter Chito Ndlovu said then.

’’Dimba sijawaikuwa starting team, mbuku sishiki nothing in, but kitu inaitwa mziki mimi ni mwalimu mkuu na marking scheme. Ka topic ni success niko na A kwa school of life, ile KNEC watanipea haitawai determine food ya mine…” he addressed the concerns in a rap video he shared online.

Trio Mio sat for his KCSE last year and many Kenyans were much concerned with the grade he got. His results were however not made public but his mother, who doubles up as his manager assured Kenyans that he performed impressively.

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