Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has come out to share a rare side of the story concerning her relationship with Mughiithi star samidoh .

Through an Instagram live the seemingly disturbed Nyamu who is always happy on her posts has confessed to being a sad woman despite all the attention geared towards to her.

The senator who has two children with Samidoh has now resorted to letting God take control of the embattled relationship between her, her fellow baby mama Edday who relocated to the states and their baby daddy Samidoh.

She noted that despite  Edday being dumped in favor of her their relationship is not happy.

”We have not given up on the other side (Edday), and we are hoping things will work out on the other side since there is no joy.”

She further revealed that despite having a complete and seemingly happy family, shew wishes that her fellow baby mama and  Samidoh can work their things out, despite Edday showing signs of never getting back with him.

”As much as I am happy that my children have their dad, I am with the man I love, which is not very good as it would be if the other side (Edday) was also there. We are all believers, and we know our situations are in safe hands.”

Nyamu also revealed that she has cast their misfortune on God since she is very much aware that he can handle the situation adding that she knows Samidoh equally loves Edday.

“There was a certain way I prayed, asking God to give me children. Their dad loves them and has other children he loves so much.

He has another woman he loves so much. I was telling God to handle that situation, and maybe the other woman (Edday) was also praying and crying from her heart,” she explained.









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