On April 10, 2023, popular comedian and TV host Dr. Ofweneke mceed Akothee’s grand wedding to Denish Schweizer aka Omosh.

Following reports that the marriage had fallen apart, Ofweneke could not help but also share his opinion since he is one of the persons that made the wedding day a success.

Taking to Instagram, Ofweneke shared a snippet of the wedding. The video them dancing gloriously as they lived the moment.

Captioning the video, Ofweneke told Akothee that he will always support her no matter how many weddings she does.

“Babe @Akothee hata ufanye harusi ngapi I will always be here. Leta mzungu mwingine lakini lazima nicheke. The one too must pass and you will be okay,” he encouraged her.


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Akothee reacted to Ofweneke’s post saying, “The 8th loading,” accompanied with laughing emojis.

The popiular musician is however yet to confirm that indeed her marriage is in a turmoil although all pointers indicate that that is the case. She also warned those calling her to find out more information while pretending to care about her to stop it.

“You are not calling because you care ,you are calling because you want first hand information.DONT CALL ME I REPEAT DONT CALL ME you never called me when I am winning, you never called to check up on me , most of you calling me now never call to conngratulate me on Big wins. DO NOT WASSAP ME DO NOT CALL ME. I AM FINE AND BUSY WORKING KILA MTU APAMBANE TU Na maisha yake.

“I am not the first trying to balance Life. Again, when I walk into your offices ,banks for meetings DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS UNRELATED TO WHAT I HAVE COME TO DO IN YOUR OFFICES I have very limited Time. Thank you for not understanding you will understand,” she stated.



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