Tanzanian songbird Ruby has revealed that her ex-lover used to bewitch her.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi FM, Ruby said that she was aware of her plight but there is nothing she could do about it.

According to her, the man in questioned would take her to a witch doctor in his rural home. Ruby added that the man bewitched her so that she could love him back.

“I am happy with my current relationship. There is nothing to hide, I wouldn’t have brought him him here. He doesn’t bewitch me not because I don’t share him, the other one bewitched me. Aliopita alienda kunitengeneza kwao na yakiisha yanaisha vibaya. Nilipelekwa kwa mganga kupata mapenzi ya pesa. Mimi kwanza mwanzo nilikuwa simtaki kuona simtaki akaona huyu ngoja nimkomeshe nampeleka kwetu huyu. Nakupenda nikupeleke kwetu mimi nikaenda kule nikasema twende labda nilijua kwamba nitaenda nyumbani huko huko kule ni nyumbani labda nitakuwa natoroka naenda kumsalimia mama nyumbani, nimetoroka kwanza basi ndio nikapelekwa kwa miti shamba. Najiona hivi na siwezi kuondoka, naondoka naenda wapi,” the Na Yule hitmaker revealed.

In 2019, Ruby announced that she had parted ways with her then husband Kusah over domestic violence. She said that she had sacrificed so much to grow his music career yet he was ungrateful.

”I have been beaten, tormented and gone through all kind of evil. I have gone through that thanks to a man who came to me so I could help him with his music. I supported him with all I had because I believed in his talent. I even used my name and influence to introduce him to big artistes who could help him but in the end he accused me of sleeping with them, people like Diamond and Juma Jux who I respect. I am tired and have decided to move on before things get worse’,” she shared in  a lengthy social media post.

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