Catholic priest reverend Father Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru  has shocked Kenyans after he married his long term sweetheart in a wedding ceremony.

The act  was considered controversial since catholic fathers do not get married as they are expected to maintain celibacy so as to serve God better.

The  reverend in question married and got ordained the same day, an act that has angered the catholic church community.

Speaking to members of the press who had gone to cover the never seen before union , the priest thanked God for choosing him to start something new in the world.

He also thanked his Bishop for heeding to what he termed as ”God’s call”  when he officiated the wedding and ordained him.

“I am soo happy the person God has sent to ordain me we met in 2003 when we joined the seminary. So I thank my  bishop Patrick Muringe for accepting that call from God to come and ordain me. Also I’m so glad and so grateful that God has found it worthy to use me to bring something new to the world,” The father said in part.

Thanking his wife for accepting his marriage proposal, Waiguru expressed that him and his bride would prove to all and sundry  that it is possible for a person to serve God and have a family.

He insisted that they had not broken any rule of law and were Infact fulfilling God’s commandments which ordered people to seek for companionship.

” I want to thank my dear lovely wife for accepting to come and be used also by God so that we can show the world that it is possible for somebody to serve God and have a family and have a lovely wife because God did not make a mistake when He created a man and a woman and He said it is not good for somebody to be alone so I believe today we have accomplished the commandment of God, that we may be together,” Added Father Waruguru.

Shocked netizens flocked the comment section to react to the rare turn of events.

“Which Catholic, this is can never be the sacrament of priesthood is not something to play with.”

“Just retire from being father and marry oh??unataka pesa na gari ya catholic na hutaki kuwa celibate,” netizens commented.

There have been rumors though that there is a new group of people addressing themselves as the new catholic church and most people concluded that he was from the said church and not the widely followed roman catholic.


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