Upcoming female rapper Ngesh of  Kaveve Kazoze has once again responded to Stevo Simple Boy’s romantic advances.

In a video that was shared by socialite Manzi wa Kibera, Ngesh said that she has not refused to become Stevo’s lover but he should just stick to his wife.

“Simple Boy me sijakataa lakini atulie tu na bibi yake,” she said.

In a separate video, Manzi wa Kibera  questioned her about how much she would want her dowry to be.

The rapper responded saying that her ‘server’ is currently out of service but it would take only one key will open it.

“Server yangu sijui hata kama itafunguka sahii. Yangu iko kidogo tu. Funguo moja tu ifunguke,” she said.


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Stevo Simple Boy was however recently tackled with questions on why he is pursuing Ngesh yet he is married to Grace Atieno.

“Mke wangu ako sawa. Mke wangu pia ananielewa. Lazima uangalie kivutio, kuchovyachovya,” he told Vloggers.

One of the vloggers questioned him if he is polygamous and he said, “Unajua sahi kuna wasichana wengi lakini wanaume ni wachache.”

There was also a question of how he would manage to take care of Grace and Ngesh considering the tough economical times.

“Mimi sijapenda madem wa Nairobi, wa oshagoo. Vienyeji. Unajua vienyeji wanajua kuheshimu ndoa, wanajua kuheshimu mwanaume. Lakini wa Nairobi saa ngapi apake makeup, saa ngapi apikie wanaume unaona. Haimake sense,” the rapper responded.



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