Siaya County Senator Oburu Oginga  shared his thoughts concerning  early pregnancy  among school going girls.

While making his contributions in a motion about early pregnancies during a recent session in the Senate, the senator  tried to explain  how the young school girls end up getting pregnant.

According to him, young girls  get pregnant  while engaging in general games in school with their opposite genders.

In order to clarify his remarks, the senator said that the games he was talking about are general games including the games that can make a lady expectant.

“Sometimes Mr. Speaker these young girls get pregnant  without  much a do because  sometimes  they are just playing with their peers and when they play with their peers and they are in that adolescent  stage, you find without  any bad intention, you find that the girl is pregnant,”  Oginga said

He further said that when these girls  find themselves  in such situations they get desperate because of their parents high expectations and some even end up committing  suicide.

“When these girls become pregnant,  there is a big big stigma because there are parents who love much, they believe  in their girls so much, with so much love and emotions that they don’t expect  to see their child involved  in such a game. And because of this stigma, some girls even commit suicide because  of  fear  of the parents and consequences. Sometimes it gives them the impression that their life has come to an abrupt end because of the stigma,” Oginga added.

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