Mc Jessy the popular Churchill comedian has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after lauding the current government’s progress.

The hopeful politician was giving his opinions in an Interview with a popular blog dubbed Spm Buzz when attending an event organized to celebrate Chipukizzy’s 10 years in comedy.

Jessy explained that he was hopeful that the current government was on the right path to ensure the country was self sufficient.

He advised the citizens to study things economically explaining that after his research he was positive that things were headed to the right direction.

”Nina imani sana na William Ruto. Nina imani tutaona matokeo. Lazima u study things economically uone ni yepi ambayo yanayokea na nina Imani naye na ninakwambia ata 2027 tutampigia kura tena  maaana mambo yatakua yamebadilika.” the MC stated.

The comedian also defended the president against accusations and claims from citizens that he was prone to over promising and not keeping his words.

Jessy urged Kenyans to give the Government more time insisting that Ruto would fullfill his promises in due time.

”Siwezi ambia Kenyans waloose hope kwanza the president amepromise, amepromise sana na siwezi sema ameoverpromise kwa sababu amepromise vitu amabavyo anajua ako capable kufanya. Wakenya sisi wenyewe hatuelewi ile promise ni ya mwezi ni ya mwaka au ni ya mwezi tano, akisema anajenga Kiwanda, Wakenya wanataka kuona Kiwanda kiwe tayari baada ya miezi tatu.” the staunch UDA supporter argued.

The comedian also threw jabs at the media claiming that they were focused on what’s not done and nobody was lauding the president for the milestones he had already accomplished.

”Alafu the other bit kwa nini hatuzungumzi yale ambayo rais ameweza kufanya kwa huyo mwaka mmoja. Hatujazungumza kuhusu yale ambayo rais amefanya tayari, Hatujazungumza hivo tunasema unga ya ugali imeshuka, hatujaongelelea eti gas imeshuka.” he explained






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