The Azimio Party leader and a former aspirant for the presidential seat Raila Odinga has made interesting remarks concerning his relationship with King Charles the Third during a ceremony to oversee the welfare of Freedom fighters.

Cracking the ribs of many people who had attended the ceremony, Mr Odinga said that it was the King himself who invited him for dinner at the statehouse.

“I was invited by the King to the dinner at statehouse…because he is a personal friend and we have worked with him and his foundation in rehabilitating Lake Naivasha,” Raila said.

He further revealed details of his friendship with field marshall Dedan Kimathi’s wife revealing that they talked often and that her dying wish was for her husband’s remains to be exhumed so that he could be given a befitting funeral at their home, an issue Odinga said is still pending.

“ Mama Mukami, I wish all the time I was talking to her, that she wanted her husband to be exhumed his remains and be buried respectfully at their home, this is also a pending issue that we need to follow up on.”

Gitu wa Kahengeri a Freedom fighter who had attended the celebration said that he met the King and advised him to think of a way to bring reconciliation since it was their government during the colonial era that oppressed and performed inhumane acts towards them.

He further noted that one of the reconciliation methods is to return lands to all those who lost theirs during the era. He continued to say that another way is to compensate all those who were injured and made destitute by the Brutal Colonial Government.

“mimi niliketi na mfalme wa wingereza nikamwambia, wewe sasa fikiria kwa sababu ni nyinyi mlitutendea vibaya uanzishe mtindo wa kuleta reconciliation na njia ya kwanza ni kuwa wale ambao walinyang’anywa mashamba yao wakati wa vita za MauMau wapewe mashamba, nikamwambia vilevile wale ambao waliumizwa katika jela, wakafanywa maskini wapewe fidia!”

The Freedom fighters and Citizens are now waiting to see if something will be done to see them compensated.

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