A Tanzanian Preacher identified as Prophet Clear Malisa has left netizens in disbelief after claiming that he has resurrected his biological mother thrice.

The pastor, who is the from the Kingdom Embassy Church made the claims during a televised programme with Wasafi media, saying that bringing his mother back to life is something he would never forget.

“One thing that I will never forget in my life is the day my mother died and I prayed for her and she came back to life,” he said on Sunday December 3.

Malisa maintained that his claims were true and went ahead to substantiate them by calling upon his mother to give the testimony herself.

“It’s true. The first time he was about 9 years old, in the third grade. I was very sick. It was on a Sunday when I was alone at home with him and his younger sibling. Until I didn’t understand what was going on, he asked me to come, and to my shock, I was healthy. That was the first time,”the woman testified.

The prophet has however faced a total backlash with some netizens claiming that they were mocking God together with his mother.

“Kila siku huwa nawaambia kuwa dini zenu za ki cristu ni za mchongo mnabisha ona sasa. Yan jama wala hana ata haya,” an Instagram User said.

Another pointed out that, “Huyu mama si mtu mzima kabisa mbona hajiheshimu.”

“Hivi huyu anamchukuliaje Mungu,” read another comment as another user wrote, “Yana mama mtoto na hao wake za watu walio acha familia zao nyumban naku piga makofi wote wahusike na mafuriko yajayo shenz kabsaa.”


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