Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has once again given her opinion over the ongoing conversation about her  and her fellow baby mama Edday Nderitu.

Karen Nyamu who was in an interview with a local radio station revealed that the on going conversations made her look like a very bad woman.

”Unajua kuna conversation inanendelea inafanya nikae kama mimi mio sio mtu mzuri nina roho mbaya na sio hivyo”

The embtalld senator who was caught in between an ugly push and pull with her fellow baby mama Edday Nderitu for their baby daddy samidoh revealed the difficulty she is facing while trying to contain the issue.

“Nimejaribu kupangia mambo ya roho nikashindwa,” Karen Nyamu said adding that the constitution of Kenya recognizes polygamous marriages.

”Na isitoshe sheria yetu inaruhusu polygamus marriage, si lazima mmoja aondoke ndo mwengine abaki” Nyamu said during the interview.

She further revealed  that there are many families in Kenya facing such like issues however their situation is not so pronounced since they are not public figures like them.

The legislator who is absolutely Samidoh’s number one fan however wondered why many feel offended when she shows up for her husbands concerts.

My husband is a big Artist in this country, and am his number one fun.. kwa hivyo nikimfuata bwanangu kwenye tour zake, namkosea nani”

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