In a decisive move to safeguard public health, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has issued a comprehensive ban on the sale, use, and distribution of Yoni pearls, a type of vaginal detox product.

These products, alternatively known as herbal tampons, cleansing pearls, or vaginal pearls, have gained popularity in certain circles for their purported detoxifying effects. However, the PPB’s recent statement highlights that these products lack the necessary registration and licensing for use in the country, raising concerns about potential health risks.

The PPB CEO, Fred Siyoi, stressed the importance of adhering to the Pharmacy and Poisons Act Cap 244 regulations. He emphasized that Yoni pearls have not undergone the necessary evaluations to ensure their quality, safety, and efficacy. Consequently, the PPB cannot vouch for the well-being of those who choose to use these products.

“Please refrain from distribution, sale, or use of these products. Stay safe and report suspicious health products to PPB,” Chief Executive Officer Fred Siyoi appealed in a statement.

The advisory goes beyond merely discouraging the use of Yoni pearls. It extends to a stern warning against the distribution, supply, sale, or usefulness of unregistered products that make similar claims. This stance underscores the PPB’s commitment to protecting the populace from potential health hazards posed by unregulated substances.

To facilitate effective monitoring, the PPB has called upon both the general public and healthcare providers to promptly report any suspicious health products or technologies.

This can be done via the board’s official website or by using the USSD code *271#. By actively involving the public and healthcare professionals, the PPB aims to create a collaborative approach to ensuring the safety of medical products and devices.

The female reproductive system should have a pH between 3.8 and 4.5. Its on the acidic side to ward off bad bacteria. Use of un prescribed products in the female reproductive system  (yoni pearls included) that contain chemicals, fragrance, or herbs can totally mess these levels up.

This may lead to: itching, burning, cramping, vaginal dryness, unusual vaginal discharge, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections.

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