Radio Jambo Radio presenter Massawe Jappani played the mediator between Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby, in an attempt to have them solve their differences.

During her radio show on Thursday, Milly and her husband Terence Creative were featured on the show, in a bid to promote their upcoming show.

Massawe however decided to use the opportunity to get Milly and her estranged friend Jackie to talk.,

“Kupatanisha kweli? Imefika hapo?” Jackie could not believe it when contacted via a phone.

“Sasa nimwambie nini,” Milly on the other hand said as tension build between them.

To save the situation, Terence Creative however chipped seeking Jackie to clarify the statement “mlisema sina bwana” that saw allegedly saw her miss their ruracio.

“Si sisi hakuna mahali tulisema si ndio?” he asked Jackie who just laughed and responded saying, ” mnanifurahisha” repeatedly.

Milly on the other hand admitted that she misses Jackie and asked Jackie if she missed her back.

“Guys venye tu walisema mimi sina ya kuongezea wala ya kutoa just what they said ivo ndio iko. We are family so kukosana is prominent,” Matubia said.

Milly further asked Jackie if they had really ‘broken up’ adding that they are just on a break.

“Basi tushow up kwa show tu, tupatane huko, tuwatch wash wash tufurahie,” the mother of two said, confirming that she would attend the show, that has been scheduled for December 11.

Matubia however disconnected the call saying that she needs to go back to work but she said that she would call back.


Earlier in a separate interview, Terence and Milly had addressed their fall out with the Zora actress saying that they still love her so much. According to them, they were not in good terms and had just given themselves a break. They said that Jackie is still Milly’s sister and whatever happened can not change the fact.

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