Former Radio presenter and comedian  Oga Obinna, has disclosed why his relationship with Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo did not work.

Speaking in an online show with Kamene Goro and her hubby DJ Bonez, Obinna said that he was shocked that his fans knew all of Pendo’s dirty secrets and they disapproved of their relationship.

During an episode in his Kula Cooler show, Pendo also revealed some of the men she had had an affair with including Willy Paul and Davido.

“We did Kula Cooler show with her and I asked her, akaanza kunipatia body count. Mpaka Davido! ‘Im unavailable ‘, Willy Paul, tulikuwa na Luwi, Luwi anasema walikuwa, yeye anasema hapana,” Obinna revealed.

People disapproved their relationship after he shared her photo on his Instagram account. Pendo’s life is filled with scandals since Nairobi diaries. Obinna said he believed in the reports because people knew many things that he didn’t know.

“Kusema tu ukweli tulijaribu, lakini kidogo haiwezi. Baadae nilimpost tu hivi watu pale kwenye comments eeeh eeh eeh,” he said.

Pendo is currently trending after several women came out claiming to have been impregnated by Nigerian singer Davido. Pendo reportedly slept with Davido in 2013 and even carried ‘his boxer’, Key card and his flight ticket to an interview to confirm her claims. She also showed Davido’s hotel room number.



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