Nyota ndogo

Nyota Ndogo has wished her elderly white father-in-law more years of life so that he can witness the life of the young one she is expecting.

The songstress’ father-in-law is in his sun set years, given that her husband is 60 years old.

Her birthday post on Facebook was accompanied with their photo in fabulous smiles.

“Happy Birthday to you my father in law… Mungu akueke umuone huyu  mjukuu nilie mbeba akikua mpaka kuolewa ama kuoa nyinyi huyu father in law ako na mtu… mama ya bwanangu,” she wrote.

Nyota Ndogo on September 5, 2023 broke the big news that she was expecting a baby for her 60 year old Dannish husband Henning Nielsen, 7 years into their marriage. She shared a photo of her growing baby bump, which attracted a variety of reactions.

A fan maintained that the child may harbour underlying conditions and that he wished to see the face of the infant when it is born.

“Mungu nifunze kunyamaza to see the face of the child you are carrying… do yuo know what we call aging syndrome” a fan wrote.

Others criticized the said fan for meddling into the singer’s life instead of wishing her well.

” kondeshwa na ya kwako mtakie mazuri mengine ni mungu anajua alaaa” A netizen responded.

Her pregnancy however came as a surprise as the couple had agreed not to sire a child in their marriage.






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