Renowned Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Akothee has shared a creative idea that could potentially transform the nation’s tourism sector.

In a recent Instagram post, Akothee shared a captivating photo of President Ruto dressed in traditional Maasai attire, igniting a thought-provoking proposal for a Kenyan National Cultural Month.

Captioning the photo, the mother of five expressed her enthusiasm for the concept: “This photo has killed it, His Excellency. Just imagine if we can have a Kenyan national cultural month and have all dignitaries dress in their regalia, showcasing all the 47 different dialects, their history, culture, and cuisine. If this is documented and shared with the whole world, the Kenyan tourism sector will take a different turn.”

Akothee went on to highlight the potential impact of such an initiative, shedding light on the rich cultural diversity that lies within Kenya’s counties.

She humorously added, “Na vile saa hii tuko na Mandege za kutoa Wageni Jomo Kenyatta International to Migori, Kitale, Homa Bay, Turkana, na kwingineko. The rich culture we have in this country is to die for. Let’s embrace it. Nipe 30 minutes kwa ofisi yako nikusho vile tutado.”

Her passion for the idea shone through as she expressed her readiness to collaborate on the project.

She went ahead to tell the head of state that she intended to share the idea but they were kicked out of Talanta Hela with out notice.

“Nilikuwa nikushow na Talanta Hela  na huko tulitim,uliwa bila notice. Pia sio kwa ubaya nasema tu,” the artist said.



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Netizens swiftly rallied behind Akothee’s proposal, flooding the comments section with enthusiasm and agreement.

@shiro_wa_kahindi stated, “We should have a culture day, we need to embrace it and be proud of our origins.”

@callenmoranga concurred, endorsing Akothee with the words, “MadamBoss always right ✅ 😍.”

@official.mluhya_ seconded the idea with raised hands emojis, emphasizing the unity this initiative could foster.

@dorkydoc_key echoed the sentiment, expressing their personal desire for such an event.


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