It’s now two days after a wedding in Bomet was cancelled on the eve of the D-day.

The wedding that was supposed to go down on Saturday December 9, was cancelled via a message that was send to the wedding WhatsApp group.

The pastor of the church where the wedding was to take place said that all the final touches for the big day came to a devastating halt on Friday evening, after the expected Bride sent a message to the presiding Reverend stating that she needed more time to consider he decision of formalising her union with the groom.

The chairman of the wedding committee, who is also a pastor at the church noted that they started getting suspicious when Nelly failed to send a copy of her ID for processing of the marriage certificate.

“It became a toll order getting her documents and it later down to us that the bride had changed her mind,” he said. “We are giving them small time to do reconciliation so that they give the things needed for the wedding to go on we are praying for them and we know the wedding will happen in the coming weeks.”

Amos Rono, the would-be groom has broken silence, saying that he has set the would-be bride, Nelly Chepkoech free with one heart and wished that she prospers in all her other plans.

“I have left her, and I hope that she does well in life or looks for another husband. I forgive her, and in the instance that she says she wants to reconcile, I have left her with a clean heart,” Rono asserted.

“I don’t have a problem with her parents, don’t have a problem with her relatives, and don’t have a problem with the church. I just wish her success. I’ve released you with a good heart; I’ve let you go with clean hands,” he added.

Earlier, Nelly had however stated that she was willing to push through with the wedding despite the chaos that had transpired.

“We all cried when the reverend told us there was no wedding. As you can see, I am available and ready to exchange my vows,” she had maintained.

Speaking to Citizen digital, she shifted blame to the presiding pastor, saying that he was the one who postponed the wedding because of incomplete paper work.

”We were eagerly waiting for the day (my wedding) but unfortunately the pastor said we cannot proceed because we lacked some documents” she sought to explain.





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