Dj Slaveh the Don a popular city disc jockey has elicited different reactions after dishing out intimate details that lead to the separation with gospel music star Nicah the queen.

Through an interview from a popular blog, Slaveh revealed that his former lover did not consult him before going public with the breakup statement.

He stated that he felt it was not the right time to announce it since their future together still remained unknown.

The Dj explained that there were possibilities of them getting back together and he was afraid they would be labelled clout chasers  as members of the public would have a hard time believing that they had actually broken up.

”To me me sifeel ilikua the right time kwenda kutuannounce kwa sababu at the end of the day hatujui mungu  ametupangia nini sasa tukaja tukarudiana turudi tena online watu watadhani tulikua tunaclout chase.” the music enthusiast stated.

The talent manager also revealed that this was not the first time the couple had separated.

He confessed that there was trouble in paradise in August this year and that he had to pack and leave the house for a whole month before things between the two settled.

He however stated that the two young girls from Nicah’s previous marriage with popular entertainer Dr Ofweneke did not get to know that their parents relationship was on the rocks as they used to communicate on a daily through WhatsApp.

Both lovers told a white lie to their daughters of the Dj having to travel to Tanzania for business.

”Mwezi wa nane tukiachana ata watoto hawakujua walijua mimi nimesafiri  nmeenda Daresaleem so ata tulikua tunaongea na wao through Whatsapp. Wananiambia aty eeh..oooh..uko wapi Daddy? what are you bringing for us.” he revealed.

Slaveh’s interview comes days after his lover Nicah the queen took to her Instagram account to announce to fans that they had decided to call it quits.




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