Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa  on 19th August  flagged off the Barasa inua Jamii Scholarship program that aims to facilitate approximtley 100 students for their Higher Education learning.

The scholarship programme  has a  partnership  with the African Canadian Continuing Education Society (ACCESS) which has sponsored over 4000 students since its launch in 1993.

A total budget of 10,425,000 Ksh has been set aside cater for the student’s  learning process, cumulatively  total of Ksh 41.7 million will be invested in their overall stay in the universities and colleges.

During the launch Barasa encouraged potential students to take advantage of the scholarship as a gateway to uplift their lives and  that of the society at large.

“Many students have been yearning for someone to hold their hand and through thee Barasa Jamii and partners like ACCESS, we have budgeted Ksh 10,425,000 for the needy deserving students and a cumulative amount of Ksh 41.7 million will be spent by the end of their study in the university and colleges,” Barasa said.

In addition,the Kakamega governor noted that through Barasa Jamii, he will make efforts in the next fiscal year to have more partners so as to increase the number of students in the program.

The Barasa Jamii foundation also seeks to reach grassroots households who need financial support and lack basic survival needs.

The Foundation targets a total of 200,000 households and 2000 volunteers who will help implement 6the program.

The foundation has promised a total of Ksh 240 million bursary for students in the county.

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