Kenyan comedian Steve Thompson Magana, popularly known as Oga Obinna has astonished his fans after sharing on his social media an Exam Attendance Card showing that he is to sit for Exams.

Obinna urged fans to put him in prayers as he sits for the exams this week/

” Hii ndio ile weeky, nataka mniombee,”he captioned the card.

The Examination Attendance Card from Mount Kenya University  indicated that he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication.

Oga Obinna has been in the media industry for a long time and has earned huge following and liking from his fans due to evident mastery of his craft .

Many might be surprised that he is studying a  course in mass media even after being so successful in the industry.


Apart from being a musician and MC in events, he is an established brand, a Tv host and comedian, traits that have made him thrive in his career.

Other celebrities that have recently sent shocking waves online by going back to class to complete their higher Education studies include Terryanne Chebet and Akothee.

Terryanne Chebet ,a renown media personality also surprised many by disclosing that she was back in class to complete a university degree at United States International University -USIU Africa.

She shared that she was preparing for exams, and that it was quite challenging .

”For me, that dream was going back to school ,why? Because I firmly believe that my next level requires it. That’s why I wear my student badge so proudly!” she said.

Akothee, the award winning musician, entrepreneur, marketing consultant and brand strategist recently also dispelled rumours that she was pursuing a post graduate degree, saying that it was not anything like fun going back to school with 17 years of work experience.

The mother of five completed her degree studies this year and she said that she was being surrounded by her fellow classmates who could be her sons and daughters, with some people thinking that she was back in school for her PH.D was not anything close to fun.

”My conviction? Sometimes, we must be courageous enough to take a step back to catapult their way forward .I’ve had an incredibly beautiful career, and I thank God deeply for it ,and I’m setting up stage for the next,” she shared.





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