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King Charles III has wowed Kenyans as he showcased his mastery of Swahili language whilst giving a speech.

In his speech during the state dinner, in the presence  of politicians  and influential people in the country on Tuesday night, King Charles began his speech with some Swahili words.

“Mabibi na mabwana, hamjambo? Niaje?Ni furaha yangu kuwa nanyi jioni ya leo, ” he said.

The King went ahead to express  his utter joy for being in Kenya.

“I cannot  tell you what  a great pleasure  it is to my wife that I should be back in Kenya again. Im enormously  greatful to you Mr President  and the First Lady for your generous invitation  to make this state visit. A tremendous hospitality you have shown us, and the wonderfully warm welcome that you and the people of  Kenyan have extended  to us. I am touched by it deeply. If I may say so, it is particularly  special to be able to return to this extraordinary  country in the 60th year of your independence,” he said.

“Mr President you and I stood by the Mugumo tree which is where more that 60 years ago, the Kenyan flag was raised.  It seems to me that the tree is thriving,  strong and deeply rooted just like this republic and the people  continue to thrive. It means a great deal to my wife and I. In our coronation year,our first state visit  to a commonwealth  country should bring us here in Kenya,” he added.

King Charles further said that he is proud i in renewing  ties between United Kingdom and Kenya, since Kenya also holds a special meaning to his family.

” Najiskia kama niko nyumbani. It is well known I think that my dear mother, the late queen had a particular  affection for Kenya and the Kenyan people. She arrived here in 1952. She arrived here as a princess and left as queen. It is extremely  moving to read her diary from that visit which she wrote that she did not want to miss a moment  of Kenya’s extraordinary  landscape.  I really  cannot thank you enough for the support Kenya gave her through  that difficult time. 10 years later,  my father attended  the celebrations of Kenya’s independence. To mark the celebrations,  her late majesty wrote to Jomo Kenyatta  to convey  her sincere hope that with God’s  guidance, Kenya would prosper, and that her people would have peace and contentment  in full measure,”  he reminisced.


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