Nairobi Hospital CEO James Nyamongo has recounted the final moments of Eric Maigo, who murder has widely captured the attention of Kenyans.

Until his mysterious death, Maigo was Nairobi Hospital’s Acting Finance officer.

During an interview at Citizen TV, Nyamango said hat the news about Eric’s death was perplexing and that he was among one of the last people to interact with the deceased before his untimely death.

The Nairobi Hospital Boss disclosed that on Thursday ,September 14th they had a board meeting with the hospital’s Finance and Investments committee where Eric had made an impressive presentation. They were to then meet on the following day, only for Maigo to be  found murdered in his apartment which is located in Nairobi’s Woodley Annex-Upper.

“It is very perplexing especially to us because I was the last person on that Thursday which was on 14th… I had interacted with him during our board’s Finance and Investment Committee meeting… We had made a very good presentation I saw one of the ways he has delivered from a professional view.

“We were to meet the following day but that day never came and it was really disheartening to find out the person I was with 12 hours ago was no more,” said Nyamongo.

He noted that the hospital’s staff were badly affected by the news and he also expressed condolences to the family of the late Eric Maigo.

He eulogized Maigo as “a gentleman and one of the best staff” he has  ever worked with.

“It has been a very difficult moment for the Nairobi Hospital family and also the institution as a whole. We are all saddened by the murder of this gentleman who was one of the best staff I have ever worked with,” said the CEO.

The late Eric Maigo was brutally  stabbed 25 times on the morning of Friday, September 15, 2023, in his house. The main suspect on the murder , Ann Adhiambo Akinyi ,who has been on the run since Thursday, was arrested in Kibra by DCI detectives on Tuesday night.

The suspect is believed to be under 18 years old.


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