Mulamwah’s baby mama Carol Muthoni has once again ignited her ‘beef’ with the comedian-cum radio presenter.

The actress decided to  to respond to questions from her fans  through a YouTube video and she tried as much as possible not to mince her words.

One of the questions was centred on the joyful and painful moments of raising their daughter Keilah on her own.

“When Keilah came into my picture,  when she transformed me from being a girl to being a mother it has been very beautiful. I have learnt a lot of things that I didn’t about, like which ones, like me and saving money, I don’t know but when Keilah came into my life I look at 50 bob and calculate well on how to spend it.  Were it before when Sonie was alone, 50 bob would have gone to chipo mwitu,” she said while speaking of the joyful moments.

She went ahead to speak about the most painful moment, revealing that it was Mulamwah rejecting Keilah in public.

“Mothers, imagine mtoto wako amekataliwa halafu sura yake ni ya babake,” she said as she laughed sarcastically. “Sips drink, what do you do, you keep moving.”

Carol also revealed that she had eliminated the Mulamwah’s surname, Oyando,  from her daughter’s name and went on to give her full names.

“Names anaitwa Keilah Chloe Wangoi Muthoni, thank you so much for that question,” she said as she chided bloggers.

Another question was on how she embraces her beautiful moments after being hurt in public.

“This is something that I came to learn of late. Maybe you guys will see this whole episode of how the whole scandal transformed me to be who I am. Before I don’t know Carol Sonie could stand and sit before the camera and talk how she is talking right now.

“When all the drama and nonsense that happened online, I would, most of the time, start questioning myself why I found myself in such a situation, I felt I am not worthy, I had no purpose  but the moment I sat down and started noticing the mistakes I did earlier and I started taking them positively and learning from them, that is when I noticed and remembered Caroline Muthoni Ng’ethe, no one and nobody will ever tell you who you are it is just you yourself to define who you are. When I discovered myself and what I can do, it makes me happy and I thank God for helping me do 2-3 things,” she said

She also just cleared her throat on a question about her relationship with her baby daddy and if he supports her.

At the same time she said that she had moved on and she will introduce her boyfriend one day.

“The day I will decide to introduce my mpoa, dunia itasimama, acha vile mnasema hapa ruracio, yetu itasimamisha dunia,”she said.

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