Mumias East MP Peter Salasya is complaining after being Teargassed while engaging in a “peaceful demonstration” in Nairobi’s CBD.

In a video shared by YouTube content creator Vincent Mboya, the lawmaker slammed the police for harassing those protesting yet they are also facing the tough economic times.

According to him, the police were living a pathetghic life but he is willing to pay their salaries for 12 months.

“AAh..shughuli bana…mi nakunywa teargas. Sasa sisi tulikuwa na peaceful demonstration. Mbona anatufanya hivi.  Karibu nizimie. Teargas ilikuwa inanaimaliza, wamefunga huku wamefunga huko niko tu hapo kama ng’ombe. Polisi, we pia uko tu na watoto kama mimi. we pia unaumia, mlitolewa insurance, Mnaishi maisha duni sana lakini mnapiga sisi. Mimi nawezasacrifice kuwalipia mshahara ya miezi kumi na mbili,” Salasya said.

His remarks can loosely be translated to; “I have been teargassed yet we were just having a peacefful demonstration. Why is he doing this to us? The teargas was finishing me, they had blocked everywhere so I was just there like a cow. Police, you just have children like me, you are also suffering, you don’t have insurance. You are living a pathetic life but you are just scared. I can sacrifice and pay your 12 months salary.”

The mass protests were called by ODM leader Raila Odinga, who announced that Monday 20 is a public holiday. Some of the issues that the protests aim to address include electoral reforms, corruption and cost of living.


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