Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua’s adopted son, Morgan Bahati has opened up on a rather embarrassing moment that happened to him a few years ago that left him without eyebrows.

While engaging in a mother-son tete-a-tete, the 13-year old  narrated how about five years ago curiosity got the better of him and he tried to apply his mother’s make up when he was alone in the house.

”When I was seated I found your make up on the couch i didn’t know what it was , I took it and went to the bathroom and applied it on my eyebrows then I looked at myself. When  wiped it off my eyebrows fell off. Then I read and I saw it was glue for eyelashes” he said.

Morgan admitted that although he lost his eyebrows he didn’t feel any pain during the process.

He further noted that the incident had long standing effect as his eyebrows are still measly on his face.

“Everyday I remember the incident because up to now my eyebrows are still so short. People have different bodies my hair grow slowly,” he said

However, Morgan  clarified that he has seen a significant growth of his eyebrows after applying make up that he made at home.

In the conversation Morgan further revealed that he misses school since he cannot reach most of his friends during this holiday season.

Morgan and Diana bonded and discussed how he liked taking care of his younger siblings during his break from school.

He explained he cannot really communicate well with his younger siblings since they cannot understand what he saying most of the time  as they are still toddlers.

He also made fun of her mother and how she looked ridiculous when she had made her eyebrows and asked him to comment on how she looked like.


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