Just like any other loan the hustler fund has rates that its customers are expected to observe.

The Hustler fund has a 14-day repayment period and an annual interest rate of 8%.

However if a customer defaults they will be given a grace period of 15 more days to make the payment and in any case they don’t that will attract a 9.5% interest rate per year on their loan.

Once a customer borrows the loan,95 % of it in will be deposited to their heir money wallet and 5 will be placed automatically in their savings account.

From the 5% savings, 30 % will be split for short-term savings and 70 %for long-term (pension) savings.

The Hustler Fund will not consider CRB listing as part of its operations however, customers’ accounts risk being frozen upon accumulation of more than 30 days of default.

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