Mohammed Ali alias Moha Jicho pevu the Nyali member of parliament has found himself on the receiving end of an online altercation  involving him and his former friend activist Boniface Mwangi.

The two former friends held the Internet at chokehold for the better part of the Weekend as they went at it with each other on X formerly known as Twitter over the drug abuse problem hovering in the Coast region.

The war started after the self proclaimed people’s watchman reacted to a tweet from a netizen who had expressed his opinion on Mombasa based youths loosing their lives to drug addiction.

Mwangi replied by blasting the Member of Parliament blaming him for the drug menace.

He explained that Ali was busy holding protests against the gay people instead of using that time to clean his drug infused constituency.

Mwangi affirmed that the young people were dying due to drugs and not sexual encounters.

”Mombasa youths are dying not because of having sex but drug use, still Muslims and Christian leaders led by Moha Jicho Pevu  would rather protest against gay people instead of focusing what’s destroying their youth. Are coast leaders in the pockets of drug dealers?”

Within no time, the former investigative journalist fired back at his former friend who also acted as the main photographer during his wedding.

He accused Mwangi of trying to interfere with the Antigay protests  after pocketing money from the LGBTQ donors.

He advised him to walk away from the cursed money and to refrain from worshipping white people who gave him handouts.

The fight between the two went on for hours escalating to curse words being exchanged as netizens followed silently online.

The activist dared Mohammed to post his wife and family so as to prove that he had no secrets to keep and to prove that he was not deep in bed with Mombasa drug barons.








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