Men’s saviour Andrew Kibe has who is known for his bold critic nature has vowed never to marry again.

Kibe revealed this after a female fan thirsting for him offered to be his second wife since he divorced single man.

The controversial  you tuber compounded issues that dissuaded him from marrying again. Responding to that Kibe also advised men on ignoring the red flags they see in women omen and still going ahead to have matrimonial plans with them. He confessed that he made a mistake of marrying the wrong woman  knowingly which he went on to say messed up his life.

“Mimi sitaki Bibi tena, I will never sioni haja I thought I was going to panic by using the word never but I don’t think it’s a big word  … sioni haja ya bibi tufanye nini what is it that I am doing in my life that I need a wife for. if a wife comes in I will be unable to run all this” he said.

He  further added that he disliked women’s flair for wanting to attend every glamourized social event and their unending questions about one’s life.

“Alafu kuna events hio ndio kitu huniboo na madem tuevents twenye hatuna mbele wala nyuma alafu maswali tuswali aiya aiyaya sitaki… do not wait gentlemen this a message  Ia m giving to you do not wait to see the second red flag ukiona red flag ya kwanza usikuwe ka mimi niliona red flag nabado nikaenda kumarry huyo dem nanaiona hii ni red flag nabado nikaenda kummarry” Kibe said

He faulted women for being a distraction during his days as a fervent Christian that caused him to veer off his mission of serving God.

The former kiss 100 presenter had previously narrated about his two failed marriages which he blamed on his lack of maturity at that time  which caused him to drift apart from his past  partners which eventually caused the two marriages to fall apart.







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