Kenyans have been left  figuring out the possible reason as to why social media influencer AmberRay edited her pregnancy in a recent shoot.

AmberRay who does commercial adverts for Mozart A local betting company in Kenya seems to have subscribeed to the option of cropping out her pregnancy to avoid critics as fans could possibly compare her to Diana Marua.

The heavily pregnant socialite and fiancée to Kennedy Rapudo posted a clip of the commericial shoot and the final product with a perfectly cropped photo which has since sparked reactions.

“Kwa wale mnapenda pesa kama Mimi…. Meet your pilot wa Aviator game na fare ni as low as 50 bob kugurumisha ndege 😉” she captioned before tagging  her photographer asking what they had  done to her tummy.

”📸 @muma_pix … Then where have you taken my pregnancy? ”she added and there after fans stormed in the comment section.

Yani mtoto wa rapudo amewekwa kando?😂😂😂😂
Had she posed  and the betting company she works for uploaded the commercial with her tummy then Amber Ray would have done the exact thing Diana B did while expecting her third child during a similar but different shoot last year.


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