The Wajesus Family stands out as an encouragement of love, faith, and unity. The  family has captured the hearts of millions, both online and offline.

Despite that, they have continually faced criticisms over their WaJesus name with some of their haters saying they should be known as WaJudas because of their numerous shortcomings.

Milly has however come out to put an end to the discussion as she looks forward to turning 30.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the content creator said that she is proud to call herself Milly WaJesus because she belongs to Jesus. According to her, the WaJesus name is not aimed at bringing them fame but inspiring others to embrace Christ.

“I’ve discovered my true identity in Christ, and I that’s why I PROUDLY call myself MILLY WAJESUS. I belong to Him and Him alone. Some may question why we chose the name “WAJESUS.” Well, it’s not about seeking fame or thinking we’re better than anyone else. Actually to our new followers, we were WaJesus even before fame😊,” the mother of two shared on Instagram.

“It’s about boldly proclaiming our faith and inspiring others to unashamedly embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the amazing news of love, mercy, unmerited favor, and forgiveness of our sins. I didn’t earn any of it, yet I celebrate being WaJesus today! Sure, the enemy may try to remind us of our flaws and make us feel unworthy, but guess what? We are exactly who Jesus says we are. We are His!..The WaJesus!..Saved by Grace! So, to those who try to bring us down with their negativity, take a seat and listen up because the power of Jesus is greater than any criticism! Wale wa Wajudas mkaskie vibaya na huko kwenyu. I did nothing to deserve who I am today. It’s only by His grace. So there is nothing I can do to undeserve it,” she further explained.


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