Mike Sonko the former city boss has excited netizens online after sharing a photo with his followers depicting a successful weight loss procedure.

The seasoned politician took to his largely followed X account where he shared a photo of him shirtless clearly showing off his toned Abs while casually riding through town in a local means of transport known as ”mkokoteni.’

He however forewarned that some netizens would accuse him of photoshopping himself in another young man’s physique.

”Operation maliza kitambi sasa imekamilika. As usual you will see a few haters here wakisema ni photoshop.” he tweeted.


As he had earlier predicted netizens flocked the comment section full of opinions on the politician’s post.

Some trolled him for posting  photoshopped pictures while others cautioned that he was on the path many took towards lowering their self-esteem by posting jokes on social media.

”Quote of the day – Kitambi Haimalizwi na Photoshop.”

Sonko,gym haitoi kitambi bro. Itabidi uwache fombe”

”Unless it was a pregnancy and you gave birth yesterday, this is you four days ago” netizens observed.

The once upon a time government official seems to have body image issues with his belly as he had hinted in May early this year that he was hoping onto a water and vegetable only diet that would see him cut belly fat.

”Operation kukata kitambi kukula healthy once per day mboga pekee na maji” He said in X.

That sadly, is not the only situation where he brought up the conversation about his belly.

In 2019, the philanthropist made a light joke  after his protruding belly was pictured during a meeting with reggae music sensation Gramps Morgan.

He tweeted”Hii kitambi yangu inakuwa ngorii itabidi gym sasa. Enjoy the rest of your Friday ni masaa ya kutoka coffee.”







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