Embattled Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza could not control her tears after a video of Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi making crude remarks directed to her was played in the Senate during the hearing of her impeachment.

In the clip, Aburi, who was addressing a crowd demanded Mwangaza to respect men in the county including him.

“Governor Kawira Mwangaza should be told to respect us men. Bring that stick, I have come with this stick replicating the Male organ. This stick is for Kawira Mwangaza. Stop, I have to tell them. This stick is for penetrating Kawira Mwangaza,” the MP said as he proceeded to make more sensitive remarks.

The controversial remarks were originally made in Meru dialect. Aburu further talked about the governor not bearing children for her husband.

The governor was however asked to interpret what the MP was saying.

“He is saying he has given me 9 months to be pregnant and if that is not done. He will do it via what he is holding,” she said as tears rolled on her cheeks.

While further speaking in Meru language, Aburi also claimed that Mwangaza is not originally from Meru.

“He is saying the father of Kawira Mwangaza in called Njuguna and the mother Mugure and they don’t want to be ruled by a Kikuyu in Meru and that is hwy they want to change to Peter Munya the first Governor,” the embattled politician further explained to the senators.

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