A lady has since gone viral after advising women to ensure they secure a car and a house before thinking about getting pregnant.

The woman identified as Keilla Okari took to her Tiktok account to share nuggets of wisdom with her fellow women.

Omari explained that she disliked seeing women suffer and that the sore sight of spotting heavily pregnant women in public transport means was the bane of her existence.

”Ladies, one of the things that really really breaks my heart more than anything, I think is seeing women suffer. I hate it so much. I hate seeing pregnant women in matatu’s. There is the bane of my existence. Seeing heavily pregnant women who are quite far along in their pregnancies, in public transport there’s nothing that annoys me more than that.” she explained.

The Tiktok content creator advised childless women in their twenties to not commit to the journey of motherhood without  provision of the necessary security.

Okari noted that security looked different to a lot of women but to her, she expressed that a car and a house registered under the lady’s name were basic fundamentals that a man should purchase for a woman who he wishes to procreate with.

”You must at least have a car in your name, you have to at least get a house in your name and this man  that is planning to imp regnant you needs to purchase you these things. Coz I don’t understand how the baby is going to get out of the hospital? In a matatu? In an Uber? where will the baby live if you do not have a house in your name?” Okari questioned.

The Tiktok content creator further advised women to stay away from ”come we stay” marriages as they did not offer security for the children.

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