Musician Esther Akoth Kokeye, alias Akothee, left her fans talking as she decided to go live on TikTok, while in the company of her ex/current boyfriend Nelly Oaks, who also served as her manager.

The two were seated in a romantic position, with Nelly on the couch, while Akothee on the floor in between his legs.

The two were seemingly enjoying something on the television as they kept laughing and sharing their thoughts about whatever they were watching.

Fans, who joined the live session could not miss to share their thoughts about the ‘couple’. Blocking the negative energy, Akothee however questioned if any of them had a problem with whatever they were seeing.

“Kuna mtu anacomplain, is there anybody with a problem? Kuna mtu ana kesi,” she posed.

The skyward express brand influencer further warned a fan who was dragging her estranged husband’s name in her lovely moment with Nelly.

“Usitaje mwanamme mwenye hayuko kwa hii screen, hio ni kunipangia maisha na nitakublock. Si ukamtafute,” she told  the fan off.


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Last month, Akothee had threatened to sue anyopne who was linking her to her husband, Denis Schweizer aka Omosh, after their marriage went down the drain.

“If you dare to call me Schweizer, I will take you to court for defamation of character,” she fiercely stated.

Akothee parted ways with Omosh during their honeymoon. Her decision came after she discovered some things about him. Omosh was however unbaware that he was being dumped as Akothee assured him that he loves him, while coming from Switzerland after their honeymoon.

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