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Content Creators Thee Pluto and Felicity have finally unveiled the face of their daughter Zoey.

The couple unveiled the face of their 8 months old daughter in a video shared on YouTube.

According to them, they had to reveal their child’s face so that they can comfortable go out with her without fearing that someone might take her photo and leak it online.

“The reason why we want to do it now, at this stage is because, sometimes we go to out to places let’s say supermarket if I am holding Zoe, I have to completely cover her up so that she is not seen, just hiding. In  Kenya you will trend for no reason once a fan takes a photo and start saying those guys don’t want to show the face of the child we have seen her, here is the photo. To ease the pressure we just have to reveal her face at this age,” Thee Pluto said.


Most fans however noticed that the child resembles Thee Pluto as some wondered where Andrew Kibe will hide his face.

The controversial content creator has been insisting that Zoey is not Thee Pluto’s daughter. Kibe urged Thee Pluto to conduct a DNA test, which he was willing to sponsor. He also said that he would give Thee Pluto 100 dollars if he agrees to partake the test.

Here are reactions from fans;

“Woooow 💕💕💕💕 beauriful babygirl,,,the day have been waiting for finally is here ,,,Plutos reflection all the way ,,,kanafanana Pluto ,, congratulations guys for this far.”

“Beautiful baby girl.Dads copyright.”

“Copyright wa Thee Pluto… Kichwa, maskio, forehead  we don’t need DNA. Andrew Kibe amepigwa shock kama stima.”

“Si hio pesa walisema ufanye nayo DNA inafaa tupige nayo sherehe juu hii maskio na macho ni ya Pluto.”

“Kibe anazoom kwa fyp kimemramba.”


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