Rapper Khaligraph Jones has recounted the tough time that he went through between 2011 and  2012 that nearly saw him turn his back on music.

In 2012, the Mbona hitmaker lost his dad and he was forced to find means to fend for himself.

“In 2012 I had one of the lowest moment in my life. I used to live with my dad. He passed away. He just left for our rural home and then he died. I just got a call from ushago. That’s when life beat me and I was forced to go to Dandora to find means for survival. I went to (Jona’s) place, they accommodated me for a while and I used to sleep on the sofa set.  I used to lament why all this,” he narrated in an interview with Oga Obinna.

Months before the great misfortune, Khaligraph was arrested over allegations of stealing. He was behind bars for about three weeks.

“The previous year there is a guy who had accused be of stealing from him. So I was arrested and detained at Industrial area police station. There is being detained at the police station and going to court  and all that. I didn’t know how the court system used to work. You are just told you have a case in court you show up, you are told bail is Kshs15,000 if you don’t have money you are taken to jail once again I stayed there for like 2-3 weeks.

“Those experiences and my father’s death I gave up. On education I didn’t have the necessary qualifications. My plan was to go to Malindi and become a bouncer, just to look for a job hoping that maybe God will ways for me. My sister used to stay in Malindi with part of my family. I just wanted to go there, because music… I was just rapping and it was not working. I was also doing it out of passion, I was not waiting for it to pay me but nothing was working out in my life,” he said.


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