Rapper Khaligraph Jones has denied claims of taking part in Spider’s Clan viral song Kaveve Kazoze.

During a live session on social media, Khaligraph said that many people have approached him to sing the song because they think he was featured in the audio.

“The viral song called Kaveve that wasn’t me on the son men. I don’t know for some reason people think it was me on the song. Hata umekuja Dubai unapiga raundi watu wanakuambiaJones hebu tuimbie kaveve kazoze. Niggah ain’t put my voice on the song, that wasn’t me  on the song.. Hio ilikuwa niii… aaii buda mi siko kwa hio wimbo,” the rapper said.


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Khaligraph however acknowledged the artists behind the song.

Kaveve Kazoze went viral a few months ago after the leader of Spider  clan Ngesh wa Vasha went live on TikTok. Ngesh’s rapping skills and her funny lyrics in the song also propelled her to be more famous as compared to her teammates. The music group was formed in January 2023 and is composed of Ngesh, her brother Mwasray, and two of their friends Banguz and Mguz. They also have also another song known as Rada Fisa.

Kaveve Kazoze has however seen the group land multiple deals and support from influential persons, with the most recent being from former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Sonko ferried the group from Naivasha to Nairobi before taking to Mombasa where they performed in his club.

“We must support our own. I gifted Spider Clan crew (Kaveve Kazoze) with some stuff for their performances and also paid them to perform at club volume Mombasa this coming weekend. I will continue supporting local talents across the country because most of them rely on their talents for survival,” he shared on Twitter last month.


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