Media personality Betty Kyalo has yet again received critics concerning her dress code.

Betty posted a series of photos n clips highlighting how she spent her day feeling nice in her jungle green dress.

”They never see me coming” Is the caption that accompanied her jungle green dress and many of her fans felt like the cloth was kind of indecent.
”sree -estella kavae nguo mama Ivanna”
Another follower zoomed and their eyes saw Betty seems pregnant .
”Judah–8  umepata ball tena chairlady”
”paul rakim leo mambo imechemka kweli kweli” fans commented on her dressing.

This is not the first time Betty is being called out for her dressing in relation to the example she is setting to her daughter Ivanna.

“I remember a time I used to look up to you. Now I just pity you Mama Nani. What example are you setting for your own child?” A fan commented on her dotted see through bikini outfit last year.

However, Betty responded to her at the time and many are also waiting to see respond this time.

“Yap. She is my daughter not yours. Worry about your own miss” Betty answered at that time.

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