Karen Nyamu

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has revealed that the expensive beer she bought during father’s day was not meant for her baby daddy Samidoh.

This is after Samidoh denied receiving the gift worth Kshs420,000. According to Samidoh,  Nyamu was just showing off on social media. He also asked fans not take her seriously.

“Hizo ni vipindiree za social media  usichukulie serious naezarogwa bure,” the Mugithi singer told  a fan who wanted to know if the liquor was still in the fridge.

Another fan went to Karen Nyamu’s page telling her about Samidoh’s remarks.

“Samidoh ameruka hio story ya gift ya Father’s day Kipetero,” the fan said.

Responding to her, Nyamu said Samidoh  should not be angry since he will get him one next time. She also noted that she did not say she had bought him the drink.

“Mwambie next time asijam ni yeye. Hata hakuna mahali nilimtaja. I have a dad and two baby daddies,” Karen Nyamu responded.

This howeveer comes days after  Samidoh’s friend and promoter Sue Gacambi claimed that Nyamu was just advertising the drink. While ruthlessly roasting the senator, Sue said that the couple was never captured taking the drink.

“Hio pombe ya Kshs420,000 ni uongo ilikuwa advert. Nimedig hizi vitu, ilikuwa advert. Msituletee wana hapa. Mliona wakikunywa hio pombe. Si ati kununua alikuwa amenunua ilkuwa advert, alikuwa anafanya advert,” she said.

In the video where she bought the expensive drink, Nyamu just said that she was buying the drink for her Mubaba.

“Nimekuja kununulia mbabaz pombe ya father’s day. Nataka ile ya dooh mob kabisaa for mbabaz. The most expensive one kabisaa, nataka kubuiya mbabaz,”she said.



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