Popular Vlogger Peter Kabi alias Kabi wa Jesus has stated that he is fed up with his wife’s constant farting while they are in Bed.

Kabi wa Jesus in a conversation in their official You Tube channel openly admitted that his wife notoriously farts while she is asleep.Following this Kabi begged her to stop the act since although it is acceptable it is becoming a nuisance.

“Ni sawa kunyamba mara moja moja, lakini mpenzi tafadhali nakuuliza, unaweza kuacha kuninyambia kwa kitanda? Inaweza kudhibitiwa, mbona mimi huwa sinyambi? Kabi wa Jesus complained on their Youtube channel.

The former singer who is now a household name in the showbiz industry was inflamed that Milly her  wife was not doing it during the day when there is room to do it freely but during the night when there are in bed where he could not escape the foul smell.

“Huo ni unyanyasaji kwa sababu sina pa kwenda. Kusema kweli, kuna baridi sana Kiambu huwa nafunika kichwa changu. Unaniua! Ninaamka kama mabomu ya machozi. Unafanya chumba cha kulala cha maandamano kila wakati,” Kabi said.

In a rejoinder, Milly wa Jesus claimed that health experts advise people to fart 18 to 22 times a day.

The Mother of two defended herself while stating that her spouse also does it often despite him scorning on the act.

“Hilo ni jambo ambalo siwezi kudhibiti. Mimi ni kawaida kulala. Sio kwamba ninaamua tu kuifanya, Milly wa jesus said.

The couple admitted that earlier they  had agreed to stop the aggravating behavior after Milly wa Jesus farted all night.

Kabi revealed that he did it and he thought it was fun at first but he stopped but Milly still persists doing it while they are in bed.

Milly defended herself where she stated it is a  digestive problem that causes her to fart and urged him to stop complaining since it is normal in a relationship.





September 13, 2023

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