Jackie Matubia the famous actress cum content creator has revealed her gratitude list to fans as the year comes to an end.

The mother of two dished into her list after bloggers corned her during Crazy Kennar’s show dubbed ”happy country” yesternight.

They asked the actress to share with her fans her most emotional moment of the year.

Matubia explained that that her emotional moment was an everyday occurence as she has a habit of getting emotional eveyrtime she looks at her daughters.

The actress stated that witnessing herself  being able to provide for her daughters a roof over their head and food single handedly always leaves her an emotional mess.

”Jolene” as many know her from her role in Tahidi high revealed that everytime she got to her home, she finds herself strolling through her daughter’s bedrooms and she still cannnot beileve how much she has accomplished on her own.

”Kuna hii kitu everytime Im from work and I go home and I have to go through my daughter’s rooms and lookat them and just be grateful. Everytime Im grateful that mimi nimeachieve kupatia hao watoi a roof and food tose are things we really take for granted  coz the whole day umeshinda ukicomplain, video yangu haijapata likes, oog picha yangu but the little things get me so emotional.”She revealed.

Without diving deeper, the actress shared that she really had a rough year and as such she was proud of herself for succeding despite the chaos.

”Again as I said everything I have gone through this year I dont know like everynight, everyday Im so emotional when I see my kids.Im so proud of myself.” she added.


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