Nyako, the self-proclaimed president of TikTok has come out to speak on consistent  threatening letters sent to her in a mail box in Germany.

The content creator took it to her TikTok live where she shared her predicaments with her fans and followers.

She explained that was she tired of receiving threatening letters which emanated from her newly found TikTok fame.

The mother of three dashed out three letters while on live stating that her daughter had collected them from the mail box on her way home from school.

The entertainer stated that the first letter was accusing her of being a conman , the second one claimed that she had insulted police officers while the third letter was not comprehendible to her.

”The first one wamesema mimi ni conman, the second one wanasema mimi sijui nimetukana polisi, the third one inasema flourishing I don’t know what this one means. Let’s go to court.” she stated.

The creative maintained that she had had enough of people disrupting her peace stating that her freedom of expression and speech was under siege.

Nyako termed the letters as a celebrity manufactured witch hunt accusing a Kenyan female identified as JB of travelling to Germany with an aim to make her life a living hell.

”I don’t want anybody disrupting my peace. Nimechoka. This witch hunting is enough! kidogo barua, nimetukana polisi sijui nimefanya nini I cannot have my freedom kwa sababu JB alitoka Kenya kukuja kunihangaisha, Mkisi simjui, somebody I don’t know,i don’t even want to know about her.” she ranted.

The entertainer expressed her frustrations on the uncalled for harassments stating that they were probably after the gifts she received on TikTok.

”Nini Inawauma , what do they want? Polisi nimefanyia nini polisis mimi I just sit on camera and entertain people alafu watu wananitumis gifts. Gifts za TikTok ndio zinafanya wanawake wanifuate hivi? Gifts za TikTok ? she asked in a rage.











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