KRG The Don is facing backlash online after taking to social media to flaunt a huge amount of cash.

KRG shared his video on Instagram as he packed the money in a bag while inside a car. During the activity, he received a call about a deal with an unknown betting company that was willing to pay him Kshs90 million.

KRG  however turned down the deal saying that he wants Kshs100 million.

“Kampuni ya betting, mimi siwezichukua 90 million mimi ni Bughaa 90 million ni pesa kidogo kama hawaezifika 100 plus million mimi siwezi kusign deal na kampuni yoyote ya betting. Betting companies nilikuambia the least nawezachukua ni 100 millioni, mimi sina shida ya pesa msee. 90 millioni watafute mtu mwingine. Mimi ndio namba one bro sahi, msanii wa government hakuna vile nawezachukua 90 millioni, kama hawana  pesa ingine watalipaje watu wameshinda? Tutapata lawama kutoka kwa mafans wangu, watu wangapi, mi sitaki hio, kama hawawezi kuafford kunilipa 100 million mimi siwezi sign contract na watu kama hao, tunataka pesa nyingi kama hawezi fika bei ya Bughaa wawache watafute mtu mwingine,” he said.


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The video has drawn mixed reactions with some criticising him for showing off money at a time when other Kenyans are struggling. Here are some of the reactions.

“Bughaa sijakula siku tatuu na mi ni mtoto wako.”

“Honestly speaking where does KRG get his money from? Meanwhile ifikie KRA,” Omwamba KE said on Twitter.

“Away from, Crazy Kennar and Yvonne Khisa and Azziad, whtyy is KRG flaunting Jagua’s money online? This is how these celebrities fake life drives our youth into depression,” digital startegist Pauline Njoroge wrote.

While Jouranalist Edagra Wabwire said, ” I have seen a video of KRG the Don flaunting stacks of  of notes. Dopes Kenyan music pay that much? If it does why are artists like Stevo Simple Boy always complaining of sleeping hungry? I do not know any of KRG’s songs except mambo imechemuka. What is he doing different?”



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