Tensions escalated at Gusii Stadium as General Service Unit (GSU) officers reportedly raided  the office of Governor Simba Arati.

The action sparked a commotion and drawing attention to the conflict between the county leader and the security forces.

The incident unfolded amid claims that the officers were under instructions.

The reasons behind the reported directive to raid the stadium and the governor’s office remain unclear but have raised questions regarding the nature of the dispute between the county leadership and the security personnel.

The situation at the stadium grew tense as supporters and staff aligned with Governor Arati gathered, expressing their displeasure at the reported restriction. Concerns over the potential implications of the stand-off on county operations and administrative functions surfaced as the confrontation persisted.

No official statement has been released by the GSU command or the Governor’s office, leaving the public to speculate on the underlying causes behind this unexpected and confrontational incident.

Arati however pointed a blaming finger to Interior CS Kithure Kindiki over the incident.

“Stop misusing our GSU officers to intimidate me. I will not run away from my county. Corruption cartels have ganged up to fight me,” the governor said while addressing journalists.


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